Mission Statement

To encourage business development and provide opportunities to help businesses reach their goals. In accordance with the New Zealand Chambers of Commerce constitution, our objectives are:


  • To promote and foster the ideals of international trade in the business community.
  • To continue to grow our membership base.


  • To effectively represent the interests of our members and promote positive relationships within the business community and wider Wanaka community.
  • To encourage a high standard of service and honourable practice in trade, as well as promote high standards of training.
  • Protect the public and members against dishonest, fraudulent and corrupt practices.
  • To act as a forum for discussion of matters that affect community interests.
  • To strengthen community cooperation.
  • Communicate and work productively with other Chambers where applicable.
  • To encourage effective communication, cooperation and business networking among Chamber members.


  • To promote or oppose and secure proper administration of Bills, legislation, by-laws or other measures affecting the interests of our members.
  • To educate public opinion and promote understanding of employers’ businesses and industry’s rights, values, responsibilities and points of view.
  • To develop cooperation and encourage common policies amongst the NZ tourism industry, producers, manufacturers and exporters, as well as helping to improve procedures and skills.